Student Work

Super Bowl Victory Parade

The following essay was written by student Masako Aizawa for her Level 3 Writing class in response to her participation in the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory parade.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV parade on Friday 5th, 2020 was fun event for Chiefs’ fans, Chiefs’ cheerleaders, and Chiefs’. It was unbelievably cold day that was around 27 degrees outside. But many Chiefs’ fans welcomed back to the team and thanked for their amazing historical victory. I had prepared making my favorite hot caramel favorite coffee, and set a piece of cinnamon bread pudding on the table, then turned on the TV in my cozy warm living room. I enjoyed three things from watching through the parade.

First, I saw huge happy red colored crowds all over the street and at Union Station for waiting for the parade. I surprised seeing babies who was bundled up with red blankets. Also, the man who was half naked and his body was painted in red. A couple of men were drinking  beer on the top of the trees. In the morning, I wished the parade would be filled with many Chiefs’ fans. It was nice to see the giant supporters.

Second, Chiefs’ cheerleaders seemed relaxing and enjoying the parade. It was very nice to see them, sitting inside the double-decker bus with full of smile. The cheerleaders worked hard as football players, so they deserved this victory celebration too. The cheerleaders gave us the  joyful moments during the games. It was time to receive appreciations from Chiefs’ fans. I liked see their smile from the top of the red double-decker bus.

Third, each of Chiefs’ members was really happy and being free at the parade. It was very funny that some players came out from the buses, then started dancing with their unique movements and goofy face expressions. Some players were singing and high-touching with their fans . The others were showing crowds their Super Bowl victory trophy. I saw many scenes  that the players and their fans were laughing and talking each other. It looked everyone do not mind of the cold temperature. 

In conclusion, Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV victory parade was fun, because I felt that Chiefs’  fans had a great time watching, Chiefs’ cheerleaders  had relaxing  and happy time, and Chiefs’ teammates enjoyed their victory celebration with their big fans. 

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