Student Work

My Best Vacation

The following passage was written in June 2020 by Sara Alnoufali in Writing II (ENG 102D).

My best vacation is to Calcutta, India because it has three interesting places. The first place is the old market in Calcutta on the main street. It is a huge and interesting market. This old market has a lot of small shops, it has more than 100 shops. You can find anything there, and it is too crowded because it is outdoor, so there are a lot of people and cars. For example, you can find Indian traditional clothing, traditional food, traditional games, and you can find a temple. The second place is an old jail called St Angelo’s. It is a jail inside the fort. The place is like the forest, and it is very big. The door was made of iron, and it is black. They used it for psychological torture for criminals, but now they use it for the tourism. For example, there is graffiti in the wall, and iron handcuffs. Finally, the most interesting place is the zoo. This zoo has a lot of animals. It is a very huge zoo. It has a lot of animals that I have never seen it before. It is remarkable. There are a lot of trees, and it was very crowded. For example, there are many kinds of snakes, monkey, crocodiles, and owls. There is a huge bird, and they put it in a big cage because it is a cannibal. In conclusion, I like Calcutta a lot because of these interesting places the zoo, the market, and the jail.

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