Student Work

Remembering the Good Times in 2020

Before the pandemic, 2020 looked like it would be an excellent year for Kansas City. Its professional football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won the Super Bowl, and it was probably the last time hundreds of people gathered together here in celebration. Here is one Level 3 Writing student’s account of the celebration from February 2020.

The last Wednesday, the whole of Kansas City was like an exciting child who goes [for a] picnic instead of school. I watched the parade through real-time streaming by YouTube. Because where I live was so far from downtown, I could not walk there by myself. Besides, it was because there must have been a lot of people, I could only imagine going there.  I enjoyed comfortably the wonderful view in my room, and I looked at a few novel things. First, the streets were red color over.  Although the parade day’s weather was quite freezing, almost people were wearing various red items as if the rabbit which put on a red hat or red cape.  The sight was very funny, and they seemed cute and naive.  Second, the Hero, the players who stood manly aloft on the parade car looked so nice and handsome.  What a supremely confident smile!  If I looked at the players at the actual place, and if I had touched their hands, I might have fallen in love with at first sight.  Perhaps, I thought many people might have fallen in love with them there the day.   Last, of course, the people were massively crowded from the baby to elderly people.   However, when I saw the sky view by broadcasting, honestly, it didn’t look as much as I imagined.   When I focus around the parade, It looked like a flock of sparrows, but the view from away the focus saw unexpected free space.   If I knew it, I wish I should have gone there.  Anyway, while I was watching the spectacle, it took me to a world of interesting Kansas City in fairy tales for a moment.

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