Holiday Summary

Student W wrote this summary for ALI Level 4 Writing class in the Fall semester of 2020.

In the article “Wonder in the Air,” the author, Jeff Gammage, writes about how he believes that it is important not to lie to his daughter, but he cannot always tell her the truth in the face of “symbols and myths.” First, the author and his wife created a rule that didn’t allow them to lie to their daughter, including Santa Claus. Then, he didn’t want to perpetuate the myth about Santa Claus with his daughter. When his daughter asked him about Santa Claus, he answered wittily. Secondly, according to the author, he had to choose between allegory and verity to answer his daughter’s desire to know whether Santa kept a list of children who badly behaved. Also, the author mentioned that his daughter asked about whether Santa would give her a gift or not. After that, he lied to his daughter, saying that Santa Claus would give her gifts. Besides, the author stated that Santa Claus provided evidence that he had gone to his home and gave his daughter some gifts. Finally, the author believes that children faith in the power of mythology. He thinks that was Santa Claus who wanted him to know those wonderful and magical things was not something ordinary people can see, and the author also writes that he told his daughter to give something to Santa Claus.    

Works cited  

Gammage, Jeff. “Wonder in the Air.” Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 6e., edited by John Langan, 2014, pp. 203-205.

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